Fan performance
EC Fan Design

EC Fan Design

Axial fans for condenser and dry cooler applications

The aerodynamic development of EC fans has realised improvements in energy efficiency, fan performance and noise levels.

Incorporating an axialfan into an engineered bellmouth increases flow and reduces both noise and energy consumption. Increasing heat rejection in condenser or dry cooler applications.


Diffusers straighten flow and reduce turbulence losses, and noise, improving the fan performance.


Winglets on each blade, similar to an aircraft wing reduce inefficient turbulence

 Sawtooth design reduces wasteful drag from the fan blade’s trailing edge




 Backward curved fans for AHU, Extract and CRAC applications

Direct drive design reduces the maintenance, debris and friction losses associated with drive belts

 Efficient backward curved impellor design reduces energy consumption while maintaining duty



Speed controlled motor allows duty to be adjusted against CO2, temperature or other parameters to further reduce power consumption