Helping you to
Reduce Energy Consumption


Through the innovative application of proven technology Excalibur have been optimising the energy efficiency of Refrigeration, Liquid Chillers, Pumps, Fans and Boilers for over 30 years.

EC Fans

The combination of high efficiency EC motors and aerodynamically designed fans in air handling units, extract systems and IT cooling can reduce energy consumption by 30-70%.

Liquid Pressure Amplification

Patented in the USA, LPA was developed to allow refrigeration equipment to operate at more efficient levels. It is well known that refrigeration efficiency improves as discharge pressure is reduced.

Condenser Fan Upgrade

The retrofit of aerodynamically designed high efficiency EC condenser fans can reduce refrigeration energy consumption by 10-20%.

EC Fan Motors

The replacement of AC evaporator fans with aerodynamically designed, high efficiency EC fan motors reduces both fan energy consumption and parasitic load.

Compressor Variable Speed Control

Many refrigeration systems are designed for a peak load that rarely occurs, screw compressors in particular are inefficient when operated at part load due to the slide valve capacity control.

Adiabatic Condenser Cooling

Many people resort to spraying air-cooled condensers with water to prevent refrigeration failing during peak summer temperatures, although this overcomes the problem of heat rejection.

Dry Coolers

Dry coolers are typically used for condenser water or process cooling, often heat rejection is compromised by both fan design and control reducing efficiency and increasing energy consumption.

Liquid Chillers

The heat rejection of many air-cooled chillers is compromised by both fan design and control, this reduces efficiency and increases energy consumption...


An Inverter is a control that adjusts the speed of an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage, frequency is directly related to motor speed...

EC Motor Technology

EC motor technology is around 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field coming from permanent magnets rather than copper windings.

Fan performance

The aerodynamic development of EC fans has realised improvements in energy efficiency, fan performance and noise levels.