Two-thirds of businesses are in the dark about energy usage

Saving energy, reducing waste and increasing profit all go hand in hand – so why do many businesses lack insight into their energy usage? 

A recent study by The Daily Telegraph found that out of 760 senior managers surveyed, two thirds were in the dark about how their firm bought energy, and 46% of these were unaware about their business’s energy costs.

This study provides an insight into the of lack awareness that businesses have on energy usage, with 54% admitting they had “no idea at all” who was responsible for their energy management. This highlights the limited amount of time businesses invest in energy efficiency within their organisation.


How Excalibur Energy Can Help… 

Innovative Technologies

Excalibur have been optimising the efficiency of Refrigeration, Cooling, Pumps, Fans and Boilers for over 30 years. We have an in depth knowledge and technical expertise in advanced technologies for improving energy efficiency. 


Long Term Savings

At Excalibur Energy we educate businesses and organisations on the innovative technologies we offer, in order to save costs and provide long term efficient solutions.

For example – Air-conditioning a building could consume 30-50% of a building’s electricity. Retrofitting modern fan technology could reduce this by 30%, pay for itself in less than 2 years and increase capacity during the summer.


Increased Productivity

Our technologies help increase productivity. For example –  Upgrading process cooling with our high efficiency EC fans, can reduce fan energy consumption and also increase cooling capacity, allowing increased production and profitability. 


Energy Saving Solutions…

At Excalibur we deliver long term engineered energy saving solutions. Our aim is to educate and inform about energy saving technologies and drive profit for business.

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