Refrigerant Selection and System Design – the role of HFCs

Energy Efficiency of refrigeration systems is governed by the laws of physics and by practicality. Practicality embraces cost, cycle, legislative requirements, refrigerant choice and maintenance. Efficiency is not only dependent on choice of refrigerant but also on good design, selection of an appropriate system and good maintenance. Selection of the refrigerant demonstrating highest efficiency in an appropriate system is unlikely to improve system efficiency by more than 10% over efficiency of an optimised system using HFC refrigerant.....

.........Mistakes in any of the above can change the efficiency of a plant by large amounts (e.g. 20% to 50%). Where does refrigerant selection fit in? It can either be thought of as a system design issue or a "component optimisation". The impact of the refrigerant on efficiency is likely to be less than 5%, assuming all other design parameters are optimised.

Issued by the Institute of Refrigeration Technical Committee. The IOR is an independent learned society and leading professional association for individuals working in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

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