Increasing Chiller Efficiency

Increase cooling capacity during Summer

We can tell when the first heat wave of the summer arrives, our phones don't stop ringing from organisation desperate to prevent their cooling systems falling over.  

The good news is there are solutions, you can increase cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption at the same time... 


Dirty Condensers 

When was the last time the condensers were cleaned? Are more importantly, were they cleaned  correctly? Internal surfaces are often neglected because they are out of sight.

The correct way to deep clean a condenser is to remove the fans and wash in the opposite direction to airflow, a time consuming exercise, however, we can undertake cleaning economically when upgrading to EC fans


Hot Air Recirculation

The most common reason for chillers not performing is hot air recirculation, this is where the air leaving the condenser can't escape due to obstructions cause by surrounding walls, buildings or equipments. 

This problem is made worse if low noise condenser fans have been fitted, many designers specify these as a matter of course, low noise fans (or more correctly low efficiency fans) have been reduced performance and don't "throw" the air far enough to clear obstructions. 

What does this mean? 

As a result, it is not uncommon for the chiller to see air 10-15 °C higher than the general ambient temperature. 

This means a chiller designed for a 30°C ambient is actually being asked to operate at 40-45°C, which reduces capacity by 20-25°C. It's no wonder this creates a problem. Our solution will overcome these issues and also reduce energy consumption for the rest of the year. 


Increasing Chiller Capacity

The replacement of low performance AC condenser fans with the latest high efficiency EC fans and an intelligent control system increases chiller capacity during a heat wave and improves chiller efficiency for the rest of the year. 

Benefits of EC Fans
  • Increased chiller capacity
  • Reduced chiller energy consumption
  • Increased chiller resillience
  • 2 year ROI


Before EC Fan Installation  

After EC Fan Installation