EC Fan project reduces energy consumption and increases resilience for data centre process cooling

Over the last year we have had several successful projects retrofitting EC fans to air-conditioning and process chillers, the largest being 108 fans to dry coolers at a data centre, where like for like airflow achieved a 70% reduction in fan power consumption.

The existing dry coolers were fitted with low speed fans, which limited their performance, our initial survey showed that dry cooler capacity could be doubled from 400 kW to 800 kW as a result of the increased air flow from the EC fan upgrade.

The increased dry cooler capacity meant that for any ambient temperature, a lower water temperature could be maintained, this allowed the CRAC unit compressors to be operated at a reduced discharge pressure, increasing refrigeration efficiency and reliability. 

The existing fans were nearing the end of life, so replacing them also ticked the resilience box. 



 The data centre remained operational during the eight-week  installation programme, with no requirement for temporary cooling.



Pre and post-monitoring was undertaken to validate both the increase in performance and improvement in energy efficiency. This data-led approach was particularly important for building confidence with project champions.


The work has improved the Data Centre's energy efficiency, and an annual reduction in carbon emissions of more than 400 tonnes is helping to achieve CCA targets.


The project cost qualified for 100% tax allowanced under the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme, and delivered a return on investment of less than three years. 

Most importantly for operational staff the project delivered both an increase in cooling capacity and resilience.  

Excalibur have 25 years experience of improving the efficiency of chillers, pumps, fans and refrigeration systems.