Cooling Efficiency: Condenser Cleaning

Dirty condensers can have a drastic effect on cooling efficiency - make sure you condensers are cleaned correctly to ensure optimum efficiency!




Fouled condensers can reduce efficiency by 10 - 15%...

A 1ºC increase in condensing temperature reduces compressor efficiency by 2-4%. It is not unusual for fouled condensers to reduce efficiency by 10-15%.




How to clean condenser fans correctly

To clean correctly, condenser fans should be removed and the coils cleaned in the opposite direction to airflow.

This is rarely carried out due to cost, access (scaffolding is often required) and disruption. Incorrect cleaning can bury debris deeper into the coil, further reducing airflow and efficiency.




Prevent future fouling

Once the condensers have been deep cleaned (don’t believe anybody who tells you this can be done in a few  hours!), screens can be fitted to prevent future fouling. These can be removed and cleaned in a few minutes, maintaining cooling efficiency and reducing future maintenance costs.


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