EC Fan Upgrades

Reduce fan energy consumption by 30-70%


EC Fan Upgrades

Excalibur specialise in upgrading fans in building services applications. The retrofit of high efficiency EC motors and aerodynamically designed fans into air handling units, extract systems and IT cooling can reduce energy consumption by 30-70%.

EC Fan Upgrades Options

Motor Technology

EC motors are around 30% more efficient than AC motors due to the secondary magnetic field coming from permanent magnets rather than copper windings. An AC motor consumes additional energy solely to create a magnetic field by inducing a current in the rotor.

EC Motor Technology
Motor Technology

EC Fan Design

The aerodynamic development of EC fans has realised improvements in energy efficiency, fan performance and noise levels.

EC Fan Blade Design
Mendip District Council reduce leisure center energy consumption by 50%

Increases in utility costs have had a great impact on leisure centres across the country. Avalon Leisure operate several facilities.

38% energy saving for 2 Sisters

Like most organisations, 2 Sisters Food Group are coming under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact and control costs.

Condensers craned into position

Excalibur were invited to undertake a detailed survey of all chillers at the airport and provide a report to show the potential to improve energy efficiency.

George Fletcher | Senior Project Manager | Norland Managed Services Excalibur have installed Liquid Pressure Amplification and Inverters to 2 off 1300 kw data centre, process chillers. The cooling system is critical to this business, Excaliburs’ professional approach provided the customer with the confidence to undertake the project. Their condition monitoring also raised several maintenance issues, which we were able to resolve during the contract. Initial monitoring is demonstrating a 46% reduction in electrical consumption.